About us

My name is Sunita Sharma. I have specialized myself in connecting three major administrative domains of organizations such as HR, Payroll and Finance. By digitizing HR, Payroll and Finance processes through the most advanced IT solutions, I help organizations with optimization of processes, gains in efficiency and speed, and ultimately modernized processes.

I am a committed Senior Manager, HR & Payroll Process Specialist with unique combination of communicative and financial skills, known for my problem-solving attitude.  My strength as a process thinker is that, I can (re-) structure the processes by connecting HRM, Payroll and Finance. Starting from putting people and the customer first, I focus on the process and the content.

With my independent, enthusiastic, energetic, friendly, flexible and fast accelerating attitude I make the difference for my !!

During multiple freelance assignments at large companies such as KPMG, FRIESLAND CAMPINA, DOLBY International and Municipality of Dronten, I have shown my expertise and knowledge by increasing efficiency and productivity by evaluating, optimizing, restructuring and digitizing HR-and Payroll systems and administrative organization.

The efficient design and user-friendly digitization of the administrative processes is what gives me energy. In doing so, I take into account the various business processes and how they relate to the interests of the organization.