Synergy by Connecting and Changing!


Sun Consultancy Almere offers services to create a bridge between IT and HR- and Payroll. As a process thinker we (re-) structure the processes by connecting HRM, Payroll and Finance. While digitizing the processes, we put people and the customer first and focus on the processes and the content.

Digitization of Human Resources and payroll is a hot topic these days. What can companies expect out of it? Optimization of processes, gains in efficiency and speed, and ultimately a modernized HR function. 

Today companies face new challenges in the way they approach employee recruitment, retention and engagement.

New digital consumer practices overlap into enterprise and lead to changing employee expectations, in particular with regard to the digital environment. Will HR lead these new challenges or will it be left out?

As Jeff Mike, from Bersin by Deloitte puts it: “Digital HR should also align culture, talent, structure, and processes to balance efficiency and innovation, as well as to sustain a measurable impact on the greater organization as it continuously transforms.”